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The OzGlide Scorpion MK2

The information on this page should answer any other questions you might have and it is based on the Scorpion MK1 and MK2 although the MK1 has sold out!! 

(See our video  to your right)

The Scorpion MK2  has improved performance with greater impact absorption and also comes with Australian Made Monroe shock absorbers which offer an improved rebound control and higher quality.

This now gives the Oz Glide 95% Australian content which we are very proud of.

We like to make sure that the Oz Glide is suited to a customer’s caravan or trailer before they purchase one and if you can take a few moments to read the below standard information on the 3.5 tone rated Scorpion MK2 model, it should answer any questions you might have.

The current RRP for the Oz Glide is $3500.00 INCLUDING GST and INCLUDING Door-to-Door Freight Anywhere in Australia only.

Please Note

We are trying to keep up with orders and the approximate waiting time for a Scorpion MK2 can be a few weeks depending on when you place your order..

Gun Metal Hammer Tone Silver/Grey is the standard colour.

We have included on this web page….

  • Standard information about the 3.5-tonneOz Glide
  • Oz Glide fitting instructions (attached)
  • Pictures of the model:  Scorpion Edition MK2. (above)
  • Customer testimonials

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Discover A Totally New Way To Tow.

The Oz Glide is a 100% Australian-built, high-quality product using over 90% Australian content.

We offer you a money-back guarantee, because the product really does work,  If the Oz Glide doesn’t change the way you tow for the better, we want to know!

Please read the attached testimonials and you’ll see what we mean. 

Oz Glide Specifications

Oz Glide is much more than just a “Tow coupling”

*  Comes as a single unit including the latest DO35-V3-PLUS

*  Completely developed, manufactured, and tested in Queensland, Australia.

*  Uses Australian Steel and components to meet Australian Design Rule (ADR) 62/02 for 3.5 tonnes 

*  Has been subjected to numerous, independent ADR tests.

This means you are assured of a quality product that really works and one that you can trust.

Oz Glide Fitting And Measurements

*  Oz Glide fits the standard 4 bolt-hole pattern of couplings up to 3.5 tonnes (The same as the Cruisemaster DO35 coupling)

*  Can be used on trailers, horse floats and caravans

*  Mounts easily where existing coupling is mounted on the TOP of the A-frame.

Note: modifications can be made if your existing coupling is mounted at the bottom of the A-frame please see the photo carousel above

Measurements of the Scorpion OZ-DO35-V3-PLUS :

*  Weight: 24KG total including the DO35

(The Oz Glide shell is 17kg including 2 X shock absorbers, 1 X Airbag, and Multiple CNC components but LESS the DO35)

*  L 565mm X H 250mm (Level Position) X W 280mm**

** Width: 145mm at the A-Frame point and 280mm at the dampener point.

Best fit for Oz Glide is on the TOP of the A Frame however there are some workarounds for recessed couplings. Let us know if you need more information on this.

Note: Handbrakes may need to be relocated, if attached to existing coupling. We have a range of suggestions for where to relocate the handbrake – just ask and we will send more photos.

A replacement Cruisemaster, quality ratchet handbrake lever is included in the kit, at no extra cost.


Shipped from the Sunshine Coast Queensland to anywhere in Australia

No agents, so as to cut out the middle-man.

Oz Glide is a high quality product that offers you the smoothest and safest ride you will ever experience and will be a valuable addition to any setup. Many of our customers have commented that they can’t believe the difference and will never tow without an Oz Glide again.


The current RRP for the Oz Glide is $3500.00 INCLUDING GST and INCLUDING Door-to-Door Freight Anywhere in Australia only.

Specification Images