Absolutely amazing all what a awesome ride I wil tell the whole world thank you so very much for your service/ product/ support 👌👍

Happy Ozglide Customer

Hi Allen Murray Wood here just got back from a 5000 klm trip out to Birdsville, Cameron’s Corner, Lightning Ridge on really rough desert roads and very dusty. The Oz glide handled it no problem the biggest issue was me just forgetting to take the pin out or forgetting to put in.

Murray wood

Hi Allen

 Near completed our MacKay-Sapphire-Rockhampton-MacKay round trip and the Ozglide has far exceeded my highest hopes. Just looked on your website to add a review but can’t see how to do so. Given my main reason for purchase was chassis breakages on the A Van I had intended to add a few photos of them. I am also going to be interested in the cost of servicing the motorhome over the next few years. The last few have included some pretty expensive front end and steering repairs. I’m guessing those are going to reduce too. I’ll add a few photos of A Van chassis fracture here. The biggest plus is that I now feel almost 100% confident and comfortable about driving on less than perfect roads. Most of Queensland. Had a bit of a grin on my face by the time we were leaving Rockhampton and saw the sign that said “ Road damage next 150kms”. I know it sounds a bit bazaar but the whole rig seems to feel more stable while towing the A Van now than without it.

Cheers Steve.


Hi, I picked up an Ozglide last week.

We took the van for a short tow over some very ordinary road. taking into account the extra ball load.. I am very happy with how the car and van handled.

The Ozglide has dampened the effect of 300 odd kg sending less stress through the car chassis and caravan chassis. I am very happy with the product and it will do as advertised. Thank You, a great Aussie product.



After installing the Ozglide hitch on our Zone 20.6 Off Road, and towing it with a 300 Series Toyota, I cannot believe how smooth it has made the towing experience. We have just completed about 3000k,s from Geelong to the Eyre Peninsula in SA and back, and as people know, the roads in places are pretty ordinary, with pot holes and kilometres of bouncy undulating bitumen highway. The Ozglide virtually takes all the bouncing out of both the vehicle and the van, you really hardly know the van is there, it really is that good. I would say to anyone considering installing the hitch, just do it, you will not regret it. It is a fantastic product. If anyone wants to talk to me re the hitch, I would be more than happy for you to pass on my details.


John Reynolds

John Reynolds

Thanks for all your help with the OzGlide hitch purchase process and delivery.
It’s now installed and I have done a couple of trips on roads travelled without it. I have to say what a positive difference it has made.
Our rig is a Next Gen Platinum Ranger with a Lovell’s GCM (6,600>7,200kg), GVM (3,300>3,500 kg), rear axle (1,900>2,050kg) and front axle (1,490>1,500kg) pre rego upgrade.
The caravan is a Crusader Musketeer Treville (modified and extended by 150mm)
The OzGlide hitch has removed all the jolting and jarring which caused a most uncomfortable passenger and driver experience without the hitch.
One word – “transformational”.
Some photos are attached of the before, installation process and completed project together with video clips of the OzGlide hitch in action.
Such a great product.
Cheers John



G’day Allen

Have just completed a trip from Melbourne to Deniliquin with the recently purchased ozglide hitch. Did the same trip back in January same route but with standard ball coupling. The difference is amazing no more chassis crunching, jarring bumps! The ride is so much better, the van just does its own thing behind you without pushing the ute around. The tow experience is much more relaxing. Fantastic product & I would highly recommend 👌

Pete Keir

Peter Kerr

I just want to thank Ozglide for a piece of equipment that exceeded all my expectations for improvement of ride quality and cushion to suspension and body components on both van and tow vehicle. I have spent half my working life rescueing people who have broken down on and off the road. The repairs that entered my workshop varied from simple mechanical failure to driver inflicted incidents. Many involved broken A frames and damage to tow components on the tow vehicles. I would have exceded 500,000 Kms towing experience as my recovery unit was 4WD and custom recovery trailer. I have no hesitation in stating this unit is a radical advance in towing comfort and safety, I wish I could have had access to it many years ago.

Thankyou Ozglide.

Bruce Gustafson

Bruce Gustafson

Hi Karen, I highly recommend this ozglide hitch,I have it installed on my 21 ft. 2011 Kedron caravan, the install and repositioning of hand brake was an easy job.

My wife has a very bad back and without the ozglide hitch our caravanning days would be over.

Very easy to hitch up to caravan, I use the bike pump in photo to pump air bag up to level after hitching up, thanks again for the ozglide and the great service provided.

Regards Robert Worrall

Robert Worrall

Good morning Allen
We purchased an OZ Glide a few months back and would like to say that we have found it to
be a great asset  when travelling. We have travelled for several months with it on some very rough roads, especially the Bruce Highway.
We have found that things in the van rarely move
and there is a lot less jarring in the car.
We would certainly highly recommend this product to any travellers.  It has been a great addition for us, as it puts a lot less stress on our van and car while towing.
Congratulations to you and the team on the development of the OZ Glide, it is a fantastic
Australian product.

Merry Christmas

Kind regards
Gary & Sandra Edmonds


Gary & Sandra Edmonds

Hi Alan & Team thank you for your friendly, helpful assistance in the fitment of an Oz Glide to my 18′ single axle caravan.

We have tested it on a  trip from Toowoomba to Woodgate and return, and are totally impressed with it. Not only was the ride in the ute vastly improved, but everything remained in its place in the van. Actually we forgot to empty the dog water dish that was in the ensuite and the water was still in it on arrival in Woodgate.

A great invention, thank you once again.




Hello Allan

I fitted the OzGlide yesterday & took the van for a 10km run & took a video of the action & it is certainly incredible the difference it makes.

I have attached a photo of it & will try & send you some of the footage if you want to see it in action.

Thanks for a remarkable product.

I will certainly recommend it to my mates etc.

I can’t wait to take it on a long trip.


John Geppert

John Geppert

The Oz glide has made a huge difference to the ride in our 79 series landcruiser because it has taken the sharpness out of the bumps and the caravan. The 79 now glides over the bumps making the whole ride much much smoother, so this means less stress on both the caravan and the Ute suspensions and also the A frame.  Highly recommend this product and for what it has done it’s very much worth the cost

P.S. Allan for Oz glide is very helpful and professional to deal with John & Andrea

John & Andrea

Hi Allen,

We have returned from the short trip over that crappy road i mentioned previously and the difference was like night & day. We were blown away by the smoother ride. I also had 2 people come over to me as I was un-hitching to enquire what sort of hitch it was. I was happy to give them the name and a glowing review.

Todd Lewis

Todd Lewis

Hi Allen as I said on the phone on Friday  I found the Oz Glide Hitch in another world I travelled on a rough road with a lot of different types of road from cause way to very rough road edges and I found this Hitch does it job very well . I found that it takes all the pressure on the tow vehicle, it allows the tow vehicle to travel like without having the van attached. Congratulations to you and your staff worth it money for this unit .

Also my wife loves this unit as she is now back behind the wheel towing again.

Regards Brian and Lyn Merchant

Bryan & Lyn Merchant

We just did about 7000 klm around QLD. The way I described it to people when they asked about it. It is a life changing device. Cheers Ross


Hi Allen and the team at Ozglide. Just did our first trip from Emerald to Yeppoon and back. The Capricorn Highway is pretty ordinary, very rough in places.

The Ozglide smoothed it all out.

No more pushing and shoving from the van, actually makes towing a pleasure.

Our thanks to the team at Ozglide for a great product.

Please feel free to use any of this as a testimonial. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.


Wayne and Kathy Ross

Wayne & Kathy Ross

Remember the iconic Mortein Fly Spray jingle:

”When you’re on a good thing, stick to it”.

That’s exactly what we did.  Having had a Black Series 1 OzGlide on our last caravan, and enjoying it’s benefits, we were keen to ensure that the new caravan left the Dealer’s yard with the latest Scorpion 2   OzGlide hitch bolted to the drawbar. That was six weeks ago. We have since travelled over 6,000 kilometres through far west Qld and NSW to Adelaide then on through Victoria and return to Qld.

The trip has covered a variety of roads from freeway smooth to bouncing, rough corrugated surfaces. The Scorpion 2 gave a comfortable, controllable ride throughout that has made for a stress free towing experience.

At times one had to check that the caravan was still attached.

It’s those jarring, back breaking, pothole type occasions that the OzGlide comes into its own. Sure, nothing can stop those extreme jolts, but the OzGlide effectively dampens them into a back and vehicle saving episode. One leg of our journey was over a dusty, rutted horror stretch of corrugated dirt road though a myriad of Cattle stations and over countless metal grids (yes we took a wrong turn courtesy of MrGoogle). Also, the Landcruiser and Caravan hit an enormous rut at speed on a Victorian potholed highway which could have led to disaster. The tow car and caravan remained controlled and settled throughout in both events. Thankfully, only our nerves were shattered.

In such situations, the OzGlide must significantly reduce stress loads on the tow car (bearing in mind that it also eliminates the need for a WDH).

We are very pleased with the new OzGlide to the point we would never tow a caravan without one. If you are suffering back injuries, then the OzGlide is a must.

We recently overnighted at a Melbourne caravan park. The adjacent caravan, a 24 ft Jaco, also had an OzGlide fitted (a Black Series 2). The owners, who are permanently on the road, were quick to notice ours and say how much a game changer it has also made their towing experience.

The other thing we like about the OzGlide is that it’s Australian designed and manufactured in country by a family company using mostly Australian sourced parts. They are proud of their product and give excellent customer service.

It’s an excellent product that delivers what it promises.

Barry Hatchman

Hi Allen

We are returning from a 5 week trip to Cape York and just wanted to let you know the OzGlide was amazing. We did the PDR with its 55 million corrugations, wash outs and ruts. We always felt safe and the ride for the roads we covered was great.
So pleased we decided on the OzGlide.

Cheers, John Bennetts

John Bennetts

Hi Allen, sorry it’s taken us so long to give a review on the Oz Glide that we purchased in 2016. We have done literary thousands of km and the Oz Glide has been perfect. We have had no issues with things being bounced about or fallen off cupboards and the ride is so smooth. Our caravan is 25ft long and before the Oz Glide everything would have to be put away. Now my wife can leave things out. You know what they say happy wife happy life.

Can’t recommend them enough. Kevin.

Kevin Wallas

Hi ALLEN. You can post this on FACE BOOK or whatever you want to do with it you have my permission. I think I have done hundreds of thousands of kms in my working life as a self-employed diesel fitter I have done a lot of heavy towing with a variety of 4-wheel drives with heavy trailers and a work caravan and after just 200 kms today towing our new van with a FORD RANGER with the OZ GLIDE HITCH on the van and I ask why I didn’t have this hitch 20 years ago? The difference with the hitch is like day and night and inside the van nothing moves. Prior to the hitch being fitted the table would fold up on its own the tablecloth would be on the floor etc…. and the comfort now in the tow vehicle is what van. I have nearly scared myself not feeling the van behind then look in the rear-view mirror and “shit who’s van is that?”. It’s that good believe me. thank you again for a fantastic product. all the best. Wayne.

Wayne Jackson

Geoff and I are in our second year using OzGlide. We have been caravanning for many years and this is by far the best piece of equipment we have ever bought.

We tow with Landrover Discovery and it is a dream ride

Sandra Dixon

Hi Guys it took a bit of cutting and nutting out.

Wow it’s a smooth ride.

Our truck rides smoother with the Caravan attached.

First trip to Woomera SA over cattle grids was effortless.

The Hitch is fitted to a 2019 Goldstar 21foot liberty tourer with independence suspension.

Thanks for the purchase I would highly recommend this to any beginner that starts towing a huge van it was our first trip tow this monster and it was effortless.


Daniel Penraat

Daniel Penraat

Hi Allen,

Hope all is well.

We are now in QLD after doing the Flinders Ranges, North to Innamincka and then across to Noosa via the Strzelecki track. As promised, please see some pics taken using the Ozglide.

The hitch has transformed the way the Bushtracker tows and rides particularly in the rough stuff and creek washouts etc (of which there were many). Just brilliant! My wife even commented that she could barely feel the van in tow, a big statement!

We are very happy with the product and would be happy for you to share our thoughts. All the best!

Kind regards

Marcus Prato

Marcus Prato

Unsurpassed backup and customer service from Allen and the team. The Ozglide performs every bit as good as they say. I believe it improves the ride for both the car and van, as well as steering and braking control, as I’ve experienced when subjected to any fore and aft pitching from undulating road surfaces. I’ll be keeping this hitch and transferring it to any future vans.

Paul Patullo

Hi Allan,
It’s Scotty from Innes Park. We spoke the other day and you asked for some photo’s of our Sunland Caravan with your amazing tow hitch.
Even Michael from Sunland was impressed with the difference having the Oz hitch compared to other vans.
Great product, we are so impressed with van and your hitch.👍
Have a great weekend 🍻


Without doubt this is one of the best businesses I have dealt with. I have had the need to consult them on three different occasions and I might add because of my own neglect, and they have either honoured warranty 5 years later or replaced parts I have lost with no questions asked. On top of this the OzGlide is just so much ahead of the competition. My van, contents and car ride so smoothly and it should be standard fitment on all larger caravans. Not cheap but Quality should not be about the price and this is one product I am happy to open the wallet for. Thanks again OzGlide for your impeccable aftersales service.

David Sheridan

I’ve had the Oz Glide hitch for 2 and a half years, during which time I’ve done over 3,500k’s of dirt road, many corrugated and rough – including the Gibb RR this year (in our 3.5 ton off road van).
The hitch performed flawlessly; the ride it gives to both vehicle and van is very smooth. You almost forget you have the van on the back!
The contents of our van seem to have a much smoother ride, especially after talking to others on the GRR, we escaped without damage and they weren’t so lucky!
I can’t recommend the Oz Glide highly enough. In fact, 3 of us who travel together all have them in the same caravan park just now, with 2 different handbrake setups.

Mark Stanton

G’day Allen,

We had the Ozglide fitted by Suncoast Caravan Services on Friday. Reese who used to work for Zone works there now and as we were having a service anyway it was easier for them to do it. It was the first they had done and they were quite excited about it.

Anyway we towed the van home along the Bli Bli to Nambour road and then up the range through Mapleton which is not exactly an easy track and I must say I was amazed at how good the van felt, or didn’t feel, behind the car. All of the bumpy jerking that used to be there was gone and it felt like we had no van on at all. The whole rig felt so much smoother and safer and I could not be happier. Diane was a lot happier as passenger as well with the smoother ride and the lower stress level from the driver.

Many thanks to yourself and Mark for your great service and to Bruce for coming up with such a good device.


Neil Dickson

Neil Dickson

Hi Allen

Kim has finally fitted the OzGlide and we just took it for a test drive. To say he/we are impressed is an understatement!! We are extremely impressed and so thankful, travelling will be less stressful now!!

Kind regards, Kim and Jo

Kim & Jo

Big thanks to Mark from OzGlide for hooking me up with one of their Gadgets.

It is seriously dollar for dollar the best thing you can do to your van. The transformation is absolutely unbelievable and you guys at Zone should seriously think about offering this as an option.

Andy Will

Hi Mark,

We have now travelled nearly 400km with the Ozglide fitted.  It has improved the ride/comfort on the road by a huge amount, we don’t feel any feedback from the van at all, and its even easer to travel at a more constant speed. We feel so much relaxed and more refreshed at the end of the day.  It well worth the cost. We need to remind ourselves that we are towing.

I needed to extend the trailer cable and get longer chains and reposition the hand brake lever to the centre to make it fit, but i’m very happy with the outcome.

Cheers Phil



I have a purpose built excavator trailer that I need to tow behind my single axle tipper. I was concerned about the shock load on the trailer drawbar and it potentially failing on me. After some extensive research online, I contacted Allen to discuss the Oz Glide and whether it would be suitable in my application. Allen was extremely helpful and was able to answer all my questions.
After an email to confirm my order, Allen and the team didn’t muck around, with a quick delivery, I easily installed the Oz Glide in a few hours.
A quick test drive and it was clear to see and feel the improvement, no rude shock loading on the hitch.

Thanks Allen and the Oz Glide team you have created a great product.


Gary King

We run a F250 2020 on a lotus 19.5 off road, the vehicle when out on the back roads holes dips and dives would push and pull you around like riding a buckjumper. Another user off the Oz Glide said you need to put one on your van you will not know yourself. So we purchase one and i have to say, its a new F250 no pushing and pulling wish we had done it 25000klm ago.

Cheers Peter Weaven

Peter Weaven

My 79 Landcruiser had a terrible violent and shaky cabin ride towing my 18’ single axel caravan, really uncomfortable

I fitted the Oz Glide and it is now remarkably smoother.

Which was a great sigh of relief as it is a bit of an investment.

It’s an impressive bit of gear. Cheers Colin



Here’s a well used one, couldn’t do without it.

Jamie Ellett

Thousands of KM’s and still going…

Jamie Ellett

Hi Allen and the team at Ozglide.

Just did our first trip from Emerald to Yeppoon and back.
The Capricorn Highway is pretty ordinary, very rough in places.
The Ozglide smoothed it all out.
No more pushing and shoving from the van, actually makes towing a pleasure.
Our thanks to the team at Ozglide for a great product.
I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
Wayne and Kathy Ross

Wayne & Kathy Ross

Brian Gare

Hi Allen,

what can I say, it bloody works. Smoothed out the ride on all roads, from the crappy Hume highway to dirt and everything in between. Love it.

Even the wife’s sold on it !

Thankyou, Brian Gare

Brian Gare

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the Oz Glide. It has totally eliminated the problem I had with the jerking when towing the caravan. Overall it is now a very smooth ride. Thanks again. We had quite a few comments regarding the Oz Glide and hopefully you might get some enquiries.



Hi Allen & Karen
Having been in the Engineering & Automotive Heavy Equipment field for the past 49 years and I was impressed with the design & application of your pr
I must congratulate you on your Oz Glide product.

The use of the “Air Bag” to absorb the up and down movement and the use of the “Shock Absorbers” to inhibit the recoil forces has resulted with a very safe and smooth ride for Trailer or Caravan use.

I wish you the very best in your venture as the Oz Glide product is a good step forward to safer and smoother towing.

Graham Wood

To the Ozglide team.

I have been following the development of this unit for sometime. From initial design to the current finished product.

I tow a 2008 Compass 21’6″ caravan with independent suspension and standard coupling and fully loaded at 2.72t. Tow vehicle is a 2003 GU 3ltr turbo charged Nissan Patrol. I had 30% heavier duty rear coil springs fitted Feb2013 and I purchased the Ozglide unit which was fitted Dec 2015.

I reside in Albury NSW and have since towed my van on country roads namely Albury to Buffalo River (Myrtleford) and to Wagga Wagga via the Olympic Way.

This road and its poor condition in places I felt was a true test for the advantages claimed by the Ozglide team about this units capabilities.

The results for me were conclusive.

This invention is gold. The van is noticeably smoother riding behind my tow vehicle, and without the need to fit the Weight Distribution hitch ( a blessing in disguise ) , the van tracks straight and true. The most telling feature for me is the positive effect on my vehicles front end in regards to increased stability and steering control ( excellent for wet weather running ). What became apparent is the ‘seesaw’ effect on the down/up movement on the towball (235kgs towball weight) due wholly to the units design features.

Thanks Ozglide. My best investment yet.

John Fry.
Phone number provided.

John Fry

To The Oz Glide Team.
This hitch set up looks to handle the rough stuff. After viewing the set up I believe that it will handle what ever is dealt to it. If we had this set up whilst we travelled the Kimberly’s we would of had a better ride and the van would of not jerked around from the rough roads.
I can see this being a great addition to off road vans especially in the remote areas and for the people who use the weight distribution systems.
When I purchase our next van I will seriously consider adding this hitch to our van.

Doug Hughes

Hi Ozglide Team

We have had an ozglide on our offroad van for a year now. Have travelled form Brisbane to Darwin and back, on bitumen, corrugated road and some rough terrain, Brisbane to 1770 then to Canberra and back.

They are just the longer trips, we get away most weekend sometimes a hour from home other times 4 hours away on all sorts of roads and tracks.

Everywhere we stop people come to talk to us about the hitch on the front of our van wanting to know how the ride is and how it works. I am not a engineer or mechanic and am not very mechanically minded at all. I do know from sitting in the drivers seat covering 15000 klm’s since we have had the Ozglide that I haven’t had a better ride. We have travelled over 50,000 klm’s before we had the Ozglide and we wish we had it on our first van for that time.

The Ozglide has improved the comfort for those long and short trips we love to enjoy and has made it so much more safer and comfortable. Hitching up is easy no more stabiliser bars, no additional tension on the van and our car.

If you are serious about caravanning and camping and like to know your set up is as safe and as comfortable as it can be then install an Ozglide and you will enjoy a much better travelling experience.

Darren & Louise Hindes

To The Team At Oz Glide.

I have been involved in equestrian activities for thirteen years in Australia and many more in England; during this time I have had been floating horses to and from various events around the State using a variety of horse floats and towing vehicles.

I am currently using a Toyota Landcruiser and JR Easy Traveller float (which weighs 1100kg empty and 2400kg when loaded with two horses). This float is one of the latest being only three years old and is regarded as one of the best on the market for safety and comfort when towing.

Over the years I have towed my horses on many different road surfaces and, although the float gives them a pretty comfortable ride they would occasionally move about a bit over very uneven surfaces. (I have an infloat camera fitted so that I can see what the horses were up to in transit.)

Oz Glide approached me recently and asked if I would agree to have device fitted to my horse float and tested by me, to see what I thought of the performance and if I could notice a change of any sort.

After testing the Oz Glide unit for nineteen weeks and approx 1,200 kilometres, my conclusion is that the horses are travelling more comfortably. I can see their feet as well as their heads with the float camera and they simply don’t move. One horse is particular used to be reluctant to load but now seems altogether happier both loading and travelling – now he actually dozes off. The horses arrive in better condition and more importantly for me, in a good mood!

I believe that the ride inside the car is also slightly better. The difference is subtle but I’m sure that the device dampens the effect that the float tends to have on the car as well as vice versa.

I fully support the Oz Glide device and I would recommend it to my colleagues in the industry and my friends. So simple but so clever.
I am available on my contact details below to answer any further questions if required.

Gillian Leigh

I fitted an Ozglide to our new Olympic horse float in Rochester Victoria and towed one horse back to Warwick Qld . I was very pleased with how it towed behind our Motorhome and the horse was very happy and not stressed even after long periods of traveling. I could watch the effects of the Oz Glide action with a camera over the tow ball and could not feel any unnecessary stress on the vehicle, I am quite impressed.

Mal Dawes