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To The Team At Oz Glide.

I have been involved in equestrian activities for thirteen years in Australia and many more in England; during this time I have had been floating horses to and from various events around the State using a variety of horse floats and towing vehicles.

I am currently using a Toyota Landcruiser and JR Easy Traveller float (which weighs 1100kg empty and 2400kg when loaded with two horses). This float is one of the latest being only three years old and is regarded as one of the best on the market for safety and comfort when towing.

Over the years I have towed my horses on many different road surfaces and, although the float gives them a pretty comfortable ride they would occasionally move about a bit over very uneven surfaces. (I have an infloat camera fitted so that I can see what the horses were up to in transit.)

Oz Glide approached me recently and asked if I would agree to have device fitted to my horse float and tested by me, to see what I thought of the performance and if I could notice a change of any sort.

After testing the Oz Glide unit for nineteen weeks and approx 1,200 kilometres, my conclusion is that the horses are travelling more comfortably. I can see their feet as well as their heads with the float camera and they simply don’t move. One horse is particular used to be reluctant to load but now seems altogether happier both loading and travelling – now he actually dozes off. The horses arrive in better condition and more importantly for me, in a good mood!

I believe that the ride inside the car is also slightly better. The difference is subtle but I’m sure that the device dampens the effect that the float tends to have on the car as well as vice versa.

I fully support the Oz Glide device and I would recommend it to my colleagues in the industry and my friends. So simple but so clever.
I am available on my contact details below to answer any further questions if required.

Gillian Leigh