Hi Allen, what can I say, it bloody works. Smoothed out the ride on all roads, from the crappy Hume highway to dirt and everything in between. Love it. Even the wife's sold on it ! Thankyou, Brian

Hi Allen & Karen Having been in the Engineering & Automotive Heavy Equipment field for the past 49 years and I was impressed with the design & application of your pr I must congratulate you on your

To the Ozglide team. I have been following the development of this unit for sometime. From initial design to the current finished product. I tow a 2008 Compass 21’6″ caravan with independent suspension and standard coupling

To The Oz Glide Team. This hitch set up looks to handle the rough stuff. After viewing the set up I believe that it will handle what ever is dealt to it. If we had this

Hi Ozglide Team We have had an ozglide on our offroad van for a year now. Have travelled form Brisbane to Darwin and back, on bitumen, corrugated road and some rough terrain, Brisbane to 1770 then

To The Team At Oz Glide. I have been involved in equestrian activities for thirteen years in Australia and many more in England; during this time I have had been floating horses to and from various

I fitted an Ozglide to our new Olympic horse float in Rochester Victoria and towed one horse back to Warwick Qld . I was very pleased with how it towed behind our Motorhome and the