John Fry

To the Ozglide team.

I have been following the development of this unit for sometime. From initial design to the current finished product.

I tow a 2008 Compass 21’6″ caravan with independent suspension and standard coupling and fully loaded at 2.72t. Tow vehicle is a 2003 GU 3ltr turbo charged Nissan Patrol. I had 30% heavier duty rear coil springs fitted Feb2013 and I purchased the Ozglide unit which was fitted Dec 2015.

I reside in Albury NSW and have since towed my van on country roads namely Albury to Buffalo River (Myrtleford) and to Wagga Wagga via the Olympic Way.

This road and its poor condition in places I felt was a true test for the advantages claimed by the Ozglide team about this units capabilities.

The results for me were conclusive.

This invention is gold. The van is noticeably smoother riding behind my tow vehicle, and without the need to fit the Weight Distribution hitch ( a blessing in disguise ) , the van tracks straight and true. The most telling feature for me is the positive effect on my vehicles front end in regards to increased stability and steering control ( excellent for wet weather running ). What became apparent is the ‘seesaw’ effect on the down/up movement on the towball (235kgs towball weight) due wholly to the units design features.

Thanks Ozglide. My best investment yet.

John Fry.
Phone number provided.

John Fry